Register/Sign in Instruction

There are two easy way to register

1/ Register by new user name and password

2/ you can use your existing social media profile to register and login

1/Register as new user name and password

follow the instruction as depicted

You then click on “Register” then just fill the form as select the account type as drop down whether you are broker, owner, banker accordingly

Fill in the form and you can then login, and start to post the property

Remark: For agency, you have to own the real estate company, then there will be agents under the agency for example RentsBuy known as Agency, while Sales Executive like Tonylao or John known as agent under the RentsBuy Property.

2/ Secondly, you can register with existing social media profile

1/ Register/Sign in on your top right, you can register and create listing, or you can create first and register later. Remark: When you sign in/register as instruction here, your account will be an agent type automatically.


2/ You can register by existing Facebook account/Yahoo/Google account

3/ If you register by existing facebook account which you have previously logged in your browser. Hit the facebook icon and wait for a few second, the page will bring you to this page below.

Then you can list your property happily. It will appear as below:


then you can start to add and sell your property, kindly follow the listing instruction here


  1. For social media profile login, it sometimes could not import your image profile, you may upload profile separately and click update profile
  2. Your facebook password is not stored on our web system, so it is no privacy leaking.

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